Sensor development is pursued within MONOCLE where current sensors are either prohibitively costly for wide scale deployment, where current sensors are suitable for general purpose but not for optically complex water types (all inland and coastal water bodies), or where novel sensor concepts are leveraged to demonstrate enhanced support for in-water and EO-based environmental monitoring.

Sensor support for Big Data methods

The MONOCLE sensor network is modular and highly scalable in design. Future additions and revamping of existing in situ sensor systems is supported through the use of open geospatial data standards and sensors which advertise themselves on the network. In order to become compliant with network standards, a microprocessor data interface will be provided for existing sensors. MONOCLE benefits from collaboration and support from market leading instrument developers, whose valuable insight will ensure these developments stand the test of time. Present data interoperability initiatives are primarily focussed on the marine and ocean environment (e.g. SeaDataNet, EMODNET, GEO BON and AquaWatch, BLUE PLANET). By adopting best practise from these existing initiatives and communities MONOCLE will provide a complementary data node for optically complex waters to feed into global observation systems (e.g. GEOSS), while also supporting new data formats (e.g. hyperspectral and very high-frequency observations).

The MONOCLE network focuses on sensor interoperability in a responsive data framework capable of near real-time data ingestion, analysis, and feedback.

This allows:
  1. sensors to be vicariously calibrated when operated in close proximity;
  2. triggering of observations, sampling, or community action when thresholds are exceeded or anomalies are detected, paving the way for the use of Big Data methods once networks grow to large proportions;
  3. data visualisation methods to act as incentives for community participation;
  4. researchers and EO services to immediately access in situ data for research and EO validation activities.

Field testing

Testing and validation of the MONOCLE concept sensors, prototypes, and market-ready sensors as well as the multi-sensor system including existing technology, plays a prominent role in the project. Project partners operate a diverse range of test sites where sustained use and sensor limitations will be investigated and improved.


Other key project areas:

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