MONOCLE launches its Water Quality Monitoring Survey

05 April 2018

MONOCLE has launched a survey to explore the current challenges and opportunities for monitoring the aquatic environment. 

The survey will gather views and experiences from the user, researcher and developer communities to help define development strategies for water quality monitoring based on optical sensors, which have the potential for versatile use in environmental monitoring at relatively low cost.
The purpose of this survey is to assess the potential for uptake of novel water quality monitoring methods, ranging from citizen science to satellite based observation. By participating in the survey, you can help define our approach to developing new sensors (from low-cost, smartphone-based to cameras on drones), research into the role of participatory science, and we will gain a better idea of the demonstration and training materials that are needed.
This short survey would be of interest to people who:

  • Work in developing sensor technology
  • Use water quality observations in their work
  • Manage water quality
  • Work in policy or governance of water quality issues
  • Work with citizen science groups with an interest in water quality monitoring

The survey has now closed, thank you to those who gave their feedback.


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