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Training videos

MONOCLE/Water-ForCE training package: Introduction to Remote Sensing of Water Quality in Lakes.

This short course was developed in the H2020 Water-ForCE and MONOCLE projects to provide an introduction to remote sensing of water quality for limnologists and was provided through two workshops with GLEON and at TAFIRI. The course consists of three short lectures (videos linked here) with demonstration of data analysis using SNAP with Sentinel toolboxes ( A complementary data package (6Gb) is available on request by email to The materials are provided under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license (


Video 1: Part 1 Introduction / theory (Carmen Cillero, 3edata )



Video 2: Part 2 Classification of water colour data, algorithms (Igor Ogashawara, IGB Berlin)

Video 3: Part 3 Algorithms, calibration and validation (Stefan Simis, PML)