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FreshWater Watch

Developer: Earthwatch Europe
Contact: Izzy Bishop (, Steven Loiselle (
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Freshwater Watch map of results
Thames Blitz : 2014 – 2019
Dublin Blitz: 2019 
Paris Blitz 2019
Luxembourgh Blitz 2019 
Vattenfokus Blitz 2018 

The Freshwater Watch (FWW) programme uses various sensors to monitor the quality of small freshwater environments, coastal conditions of large freshwater environments and spatially distributed conditions of catchments at both local and international scales.

FWW sensors are used by trained citizen scientists to measure nitrates, phosphates, water level, water colour and turbidity, and record the general conditions of the water body related to potential pollution sources, hydrological conditions and land use.

Through the MONOCLE project the interoperability of the FreshWater Watch methodology has been improved and FWW data are now available on an open Geoserver.

Other sensors and services

Water Insight SPectrometer Station (WISPstation)

Measure water reflectance and key water quality parameters fully autonomously, emission-free, without any chemicals, at a high frequency and get results available near-real-time

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Measure water transparency with a low-cost sensor that you can build! Advanced KdUINO sensors also detect optical and temperature stratification in the water column

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Solar tracking radiometry platform (So-Rad)

Control and automate underway radiometric measurements for satellite validation from ships and buoys

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Mini-secchi disk

Measure water transparency, colour and pH with the mini-Secchi disk: a handheld device that is easily deployed from shore or boat.

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Hyperspectral Radiometer for Global & Diffuse Irradiance (HSP1)

A novel sensor to accurately measure the spectrum of sunlight near the water’s surface

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MapEO Water

Using state-of-the art drone technology to monitor water quality. The MapEO Water service converts drone data into geo-referenced images providing information on the physical properties of water bodies.

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Take quick and easy ocean colour measurements using this the low-cost add-on for your smartphone

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