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Funded by EU H2020 MONOCLE brings together 12 partners from across Europe to create sustainable in situ observation solutions for Earth Observation (EO) of optical water quality in inland and transitional waters.

Developing essential research and technology to lower the cost of acquisition, maintenance, and regular deployment of in situ sensors. The MONOCLE sensor system will establish firm links between operational Earth Observation (EO) and essential environmental monitoring in inland and transitional water bodies. These aquatic ecosystems, which are particularly vulnerable to direct human impacts, represent areas of the weakest performance in current EO capability, despite the major technological advances in recent decades. At the same time, these areas are of great economic importance and are crucial to sustainable food, energy, and clean water supply.


Key project areas:

Supporting Earth Observation of the most optically complex waters
Towards a self-calibrating network
Sensor innovation / support for Big Data methods


Animated introduction to the MONOCLE project sensors

This short animation explains how the MONOCLE project offers in situ instruments and monitoring solution to ground-truth satellite observations of water colour. 


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