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MONOCLE Newsletter

Screenshot of the first MONOCLE Newsletter Click here to read the MONOCLE newsletter to find out about key achievements and activities within the project during its first phase.


Download the MONOCLE flyer which summarizes the project and its key activities:



The MONOCLE factsheet series provides information and guidance on important aspects of the project. All three of the factsheets are available to download below:



User requirements survey

Results from the MONOCLE Water Quality Survey are summarised in the PowerPoint presentation here. The survey was designed to be accessible to a wide range of experts in water quality monitoring, sensor development, research, and related stakeholder roles. Highly technical questions were avoided, with focus given to issues of sensor and maintenance cost for different observation platforms (e.g.professionals versus volunteers).

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So-Rad and HSR1 sensor installation on the MV Armorique as part of the MONOCLE project

John Wood (Peak Design) came down to Plymouth to install his latest sensor protototype on Brittany Ferries MV Armorique. Here is a video of John explaining his design for a hyperspectral direct/diffuse solar irradiance sensor.

Fieldwork at Lake Balaton

In July 2019 the international MONOCLE team gathered around Lake Balaton in Hungary for the project’s second field campaign. The video shows highlights from the fieldwork.

Fieldwork at Loch Leven

The video diary shows some of the fieldwork in action as they test sensors and work with Citizen Scientists during the first field campaign at Loch Leven in Kinross, Scotland.